A researcher who wishes to conduct research at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital must be an AHS employee or a Glenrose research affiliate. If the researcher is from an academic institution, for example, the University of Alberta and does not hold affiliate status with the GRH, they may download an application form found on the GRH Affiliates page. Once the form is completed and returned, the researcher will be sent an official letter confirming affiliate status with the Glenrose.

The Glenrose Research process consists of the following steps:

  1. Completion of GRH Intent to Conduct Research (ICR). The purpose of this document is to ensure that the PI makes early contact with GRH service manager(s) and clinical leads to provide them with information and inform of any potential impacts the study may have on GRH resources, i.e. patients, space, clinicians and staff, equipment, etc. As much information should be provided as possible to allow managers and clinical leads to determine whether the study can be supported. Each manager and clinical lead will sign off on the document.
  2. Application for Ethics Approval. The GRH Research Office will contact the PI to inform whether the Intent to Conduct Research has been accepted. At this point, the PI can submit their application for ethics approval through the University of Alberta Research Ethics Office (REO), who administer ethics reviews for all faculty, staff, students of the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services (Edmonton Zone) and Covenant Health. The application is done online and can be accessed at: www.reo.ualberta.ca. For more information, please visit: AHS, Covenant Health and the Health Research Board (HREB).
  3. Application for AHS Administrative Approval. If the research will utilize AHS (property, resources, facilities, patients, staff or patient data), operational approval must be obtained from each site, clinic, program, and service that will be accessed, e.g. Health Records, Laboratory, GRH clinics and programs. This application is done online through the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre. One application is required for each individual clinic, program and service that will be accessed at the Glenrose.
  4. GRH Site Application for Operational Approval. Once the PI has submitted application(s) through NACTRC, the GRH Research Office is notified. At this point, the Research Office will start the process for obtaining GRH Site operational approval. The application form will be sent to the PI via email for completion and return. The form will be forwarded to clinic and program managers for sign-off/approval. When the application has been approved by all parties and returned to the Research Office, GRH Site operational approval will be provided.
  5. Data Disclosure Agreement. IF the research study involves accessing patient data, the PI will require a Data Disclosure Agreement to be initiated. This is an agreement that binds the researcher to meet requirements of the Health Information Act (HIA). It is triggered by the PI selecting “Health Records” when submitting application through NACTRC and will be carried out by AHS Research Administration. For more information, please visit “Requesting AHS Data Resources”.

AHS Administrative Approval is provided ONLY when all approvals are in place (PI must have Ethics approval, GRH Operational Approval, and if necessary a completed Data Disclosure Agreement). Only then, can the principal investigator begin the study.