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Research & Innovation, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

What We Offer

Research & Innovation at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital offers students with exceptional academic records an opportunity to participate in various research and innovation projects. There are also opportunities for students to work with industry and engage in new product development (see examples of Co-Op Student Projects below).

Clinical research can range from studies in spinal deformities to Brain Computer Interface (BCI) systems that are useful for the elderly and children. Internships may be offered with various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within Alberta. Advanced high school students are accepted from CAREERS: The Next Generation, WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology) or HYRS (Heritage Youth Researcher Summer) programs between grades 11 and 12, to undergraduate, masters, PhD programs and post-doctoral candidates. Prospective students must have a keen interest in learning and be eligible for scholarships, based on their superior academic standing.

Student Backgrounds

The majority of students have technical backgrounds in engineering science, while others are in pre-medicine or kinesiology practicum placements. Most students are enrolled at the University of Alberta, however, students from other Canadian universities and international programs such as IASTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) and UARE (University of Alberta Research Experience) are accepted.

Career Planning

R & I staff also coordinate co-op student projects with the University of Alberta and NAIT, based on clinical challenges encountered by Glenrose front-line clinicians such as nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists or speech pathologists. By having students engage with front-line staff to learn about their needs, they have been able to help create innovative solutions, with many projects having reached the prototype stage.

The Glenrose experience helps shape career plans for students, with some pursuing graduate studies, enrolling in medicine or rehabilitation medicine programs, academic careers, working in traditional engineering roles and some self-employed as entrepreneurs.

View: Co-op Student Projects


Contact Us

Doug Hill, Manager
Research & Innovation
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
10230 – 111 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5G 0B7

Email: doug.hill@ahs.ca

Interested students are encouraged to contact R&I several months prior to the start of employment to increase the likelihood of attaining scholarships.