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Current Research Affiliates

To increase our research activity and to better support our research staff and their collaborators, Research Affiliate appointments are made in areas identified as our major research themes: Understanding Child Developmental Health, Improving Function in People with Chronic Conditions, Advancing Function Through Assistive Technology and Anticipating the Needs of an Aging Population.

Research affiliates are invited from other facilities who wish to carry out research collaboratively with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. This allows us to better address the needs of research groups that are often multi-institutional, while maintaining our responsibility as custodians of hospital resources, including our responsibility to ensure that neither staff nor patients are overwhelmed with competing demands.

If your research involves Alberta Health Services, specifically GRH property, resources, data, facilities, patients or staff, and you wish to work collaboratively with us, you will require affiliate status. Typically affiliate status is provided for five-year terms which are renewable. New affiliate candidate appointments are reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee to increase the likelihood of cross-collaboration in other areas of research.

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How to Apply

Past Affiliates