Research Affiliates

Research & Innovation, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Research Affiliates

Academic researchers who wish to conduct research at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital must become affiliated.  They must hold an appointment with an academic institution e.g. University of Alberta or MacEwan University and be eligible to apply for and hold research funding there.  Affiliates must conduct research that is directly related to improving the outcomes of Glenrose patients including children, adults and older adults.

What are the Benefits?

  • Opportunities to partner with us to further your research by access to patients and data
  • Support for the development of knowledge translation strategies for implementing results
  • Networking opportunities for sharing knowledge and meeting researchers to create partnerships
  • Eligibility to apply for research funding
  • Building collaborations between academics and front-line clinicians and decision-makers
  • Participation in GRH research events

What is the Process?

Completion of an Application Form.  A letter will be sent to the researcher confirming affiliate status on receipt of the completed application. The term of affiliation is five years and is renewable. Affiliate appointments are made in one of our major research themes:

  • Understanding Child Developmental Health
  • Improving Function in People with Chronic Conditions
  • Advancing Function Through Assistive Technology and
  • Anticipating the Needs of an Aging Population

How to Apply

For further information, send an email to