Addiction & Mental Health Research Hub

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The AMH Research Hub is a partnership of researchers, health care professionals and leadership, community organizations, government ministries, patient advocates, and other stakeholders.

Its purpose is to:

  • Serve Albertans to ensure that services supporting mental health, substance use, and addiction are evidence-informed, innovative, and at the leading edge of science.
  • Create a strong, integrated research-to-practice enterprise in Alberta.
  • Increase Addiction & Mental Health related research capacity, with a system-driven and patient-centred focus, while supporting research, data access, knowledge translation, and funding.
  • Provide a centralized point for researchers to access research support, knowledge translation resources, and data.
  • Facilitate partnerships and networking among stakeholders.

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The AMH Research Hub was formerly known as the Alberta AMH Research Partnership Program (RPP), which was formed in 2004. To learn more about the RPP and its previous work, read About the Former Research Partnership Program