FAQs For Vendors


Where can I get a digital copy of the most current test requisitions and forms used in Alberta?

  • For quick access here is the current version of AHS requisitions for Lab and for Diagnostic Imaging
  • If you can’t find a the form, email formsmanagement@ahs.ca with either a copy of the form that you need or its AHS form number
  • Not all test requisitions and forms used in Alberta are the responsibility of AHS. For example, requisition forms for lab testing done by Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) are available on their website. Diagnostic imaging services are provided in Alberta by a number of radiology groups. Requisitions are available on these companies’ websites.

What is a public/private key pairing and what is it used for?

eDelivery uses public/private encryption key pairs to authenticate clinics connecting to our servers to pick up their results. You should only send the public key portion when requesting a new clinic or vendor change.  Private keys should be kept and saved in a secure location.

A clinic is changing location.  Why do I have to send a request for a new clinic setup?

eDelivery is set up for each clinic by physical location, with its own unique identifier.

Several clinics are sharing a server.  Can we set up one username/FTP for multiple clinics?

No, each clinic is set up with a unique FTP, even if it is sharing an EMR instance and/or server.  A separate FTP for each clinic ensures clarity in directing test results to the correct folder, and is also a requirement for some data source systems, entirely independent of their EMR configuration.

What is conformance testing?

Conformance testing is the process in which EMR products are tested to ensure they can display data source reports completely and accurately, according to the business requirements of a data source.  EMR BIS supplies sample HL7 messages, renderings of reports, and any important information about a data source feed in a conformance package.  The messages are processed by the EMR, and outputs from the report display are returned to EMR BIS to review with the data source.  Any deficiencies are returned to the EMR vendor for additional development and testing, until the reports displayed in the EMR meet the needs of the data source.  Once testing is completed successfully, that data source feed can be activated at clinics using that EMR software.

How do we add available data sources to our clients' EMRs?

Each EMR product has to complete conformance testing for reports from each data source feed to ensure the display of results sent electronically meets the business requirements of the data source.  Each data source may send results slightly differently, so this testing is required for every data source feed.

Is there funding available for EMR vendors as part of eDelivery service?

No. AHS does not provide any funding to clinics, individual healthcare providers or EMR vendors for any materials or activities associated with the use of the eDelivery service.

What is Health Information Standards Committee of Alberta (HISCA) and do I have to comply with the standards it defines?

HISCA defines standards for electronic delivery of health information, among other roles.  There are increasing efforts by AHS to ensure new electronic data source feeds are HISCA compliant, to streamline electronic results delivery. So yes, you do have to comply with HISCA standards.

When are the results/reports delivered?

Results/reports are delivered to each clinic’s account hourly for Connect Care and Canada Diagnostics Centres (CDC); and four(4) scheduled intervals for all other Sources throughout the day, 7 days a week, as illustrated in the table below. It is recommended that downloads are scheduled at least 30 minutes after each processing window, to allow time for delivery and help avoid issues should there be a slight delay with results delivery.

Result/Report Data Source Scheduled Delivery Windows
Connect Care & CDC 00:05, 01:05, 02:05, 03:05, 04:05, 05:05, 06:05, 07:05,
08:05, 09:05, 10:05, 11:05, 12:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05,
16:05, 17:05, 18:05, 19:05, 20:05, 21:05, 22:05, 23:05
All Other Data Sources 00:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15