For Data Sources


My data source isn't sending results via eDelivery. How can I get our data added to the service?

Adding new data source feeds to the eDelivery service requires building a new interface. Please contact the AHS Integration Coordination Centre at for more information about the intake process for new data sources interested in making results available for eDelivery.

We are making changes to the data we are sending. How do we inform the EMR BIS team?

Changes to messages sent from a data source, big or small, can have an impact on the processing of these results within the EMR. You should submit any changes to your feed to the EMR BIS team for evaluation well in advance of implementation. In some cases, changes may require testing by EMR vendors to ensure their software can process the messages after the change.

What is conformance testing?

Conformance testing is the process in which EMR products are tested to ensure they can display data source reports completely and accurately, according to the business requirements of a data source. EMR BIS supplies sample HL7 messages, renderings of reports, and any important information about a data source feed in a conformance package. The messages are processed by the EMR, and outputs from the report display are returned to EMR BIS to review with the data source. Any deficiencies are returned to the EMR vendor for additional development and testing, until the reports displayed in the EMR meet the needs of the data source. Once testing is completed successfully, that data source feed can be activated at clinics using that EMR software.

How many active data sources distribute results via eDelivery?

Please see "Available data sources."

What is required from data sources for daily operations of eDelivery?

Data sources are actively involved in supporting results delivery via eDelivery, just as distribution of fax or paper results requires support. Data sources are required to provide and/or verify provider and location identifiers for each request received, maintain clinic/provider accounts in the source system as clinic requests are relayed by EMR BIS, and provide support to resolve incidents in a timely manner, among other activities.