Select Improvement Solution

Quality Improvement Project, Advance Care Planning / Goals of Care

Select an Improvement Solution

After assessing your current state, identifying opportunities for improvement, and defining your goal, ACP/GCD processes and practices gaps have likely emerged. To identify what improvement solutions you will employ:

  • Brainstorm potential solutions with your team
  • Evaluate the options
  • Decide on and develop a project plan.

Identify Potential ACP/GCD Improvement Solutions

Increasing Healthcare Provider ACP GCD Knowledge: Do your team members /stakeholders have an accurate understanding of ACP/GCD in order to meet your stated goal? If not, healthcare provider education may be an improvement solution for you. Consider using:

Enhancing Ability: If you determined that team member’s lack confidence in specific ACP/GCD skills or workflow practices, consider the following quality improvement areas:

One way enhance ability is to practice ACP GCD skills in a simulated, realistic environment. Contact for more information.

Work Flow Process: Integrating ACP/GCD often goes beyond education and ability of individual practitioners. Work place systems and processes may need to be addressed in order for you to be successful in your ACP/GCD goal. Some ideas that might be helpful in ACP/GCD integration are: