Bereavement Care Resources

Bereavement care refers to ways that conveys genuine care and compassion when offering support at or near the time of death.

Compassionate Notification of Families/Next of Kin

Bereavement Package

An information package given to families post death.

The package contains information on:

  • What to do in the immediate hours and days after death
  • Information about what to expect in grief responses and layers of grief

As families leave the care setting, healthcare providers can:

  • Ask if they are able to get home safely e.g., “We want you to be safe, can I call someone to pick you up?”
  • Gather patient belongings/valuables and give them to the family or next of kin as per policy.
  • Provide families with the Bereavement Package

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What types of information may be added?

  • Loss resources specific to type of death
  • Local bereavement care resources
  • Care facility business card - to allow families to contact the manager, or alternate contact, should they have questions following the death

White Rose Program

The White Rose Program is a way of showing respect by creating a quiet and calm environment to those who are dying and their families.

When a person is in the last hours to days of life a White Rose poster is placed at the entrance of their bed or room. This visual reminder increases staff awareness to help provide a calm and quiet environment respectful of unique needs of the dying person and those most important to them.

The healthcare provider explains the White Rose Program to the person and/or their family obtaining their consent prior to posting the sign on the door/curtain. If they prefer to not have the sign posted, their wishes are respected and documented.

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