Location & Parking


11220 83 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2B7


780-407-8407 (Patient Information)

Wheelchair accessible

Includes washrooms, drinking fountains, ramps, elevators, doorways, and designated disabled parking spaces underground (Level O) and on the 4th (weather-sheltered pedway) level of the East parkade.

Getting there

Bus stops are located on 112 and 114 Streets NW, and an LRT station is located just west across 114 Street NW. Parking available in a number of parkades and parking lots in the University Hospital area.

Maps & Virtual Tour

The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute provides all aspects of cardiac care from diagnostic clinics and outpatient areas, to cardiology units, digital operation rooms and intensive care units.

Patient care is provided in a nurturing and collaborative environment. Each floor is efficiently designed to give patients convenient access to specialized services and clinics while providing easier consultation among health professionals.

Area Map

Level 0

  • Shaw 3-i Auditorium interactive 100-seat digital classroom offers real-time consultation with the global cardiac community
  • ABACUS - Alberta Cardiovascular and Stroke Research Centre for research studies and clinical trials
  • Level 0 Floor Map

Level 1

  • Street level entrance to the heart institute
  • Healthy Trendz café
  • Donor recognition wall
  • Patient Education Centre
  • Level 1 Floor Map

Level 2

  • Information Desk and central waiting area
  • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories 2A5/2A6
  • Electrophysiology Laboratories 2A5/2A6
  • Heart Function Clinic 2A6
  • Diagnostics (Stress testing, ECHO laboratory, pacemaker/defibrillator clinics, Cardiac MRI 2A7
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit - elevator access 2A7
  • Pedway access to East Parkade Public Parking - 4th floor
  • Cardiac Outpatient & Labs 2A5, 2A6, 2A7
  • Level 2 Floor Maps

Level 3

  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit 3A7/3A8
  • Family Waiting Room – located right of elevators
  • Surgical Suites/Digital Operating Rooms – 1 pediatric, 4 adult 3A9
  • Level 3 Floor Maps

Level 4

  • Cardiovascular Inpatient Surgery Units 4A5/4A6
  • Administration offices 4A7/4A8
  • Guru Nanak Dev Healing Garden for patients, families and staff
  • Level 4 Floor Maps

Level 5

  • Cardiology Unit 5A5/5A6
  • Coronary Care Unit 5A7
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Unit/ Short Stay Unit 5A8
  • Level 5 Floor Maps

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Café & Cafeteria

In early 2004, while redeveloping existing retail food services within its hospitals, Alberta Health Services began building a healthy eating brand to meet evolving consumer needs. The healthy Trendz is based on offering consumers healthy food options, at reasonable prices, through exceptional service in a fresh and exciting décor.

The Trendz brand has now evolved into a variation of outlets such as the healthy Trendz café which opened at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute in 2009.

The Trendz menu program features healthy food and beverage options by blending industry food trends with healthy eating principles. Trendz menu offerings meld the ideas of in-house culinary staff, vendor partners and NFS Dieticians.

The healthy Trendz café is located on the main level of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (“AHI”). It blends a warm, exciting décor with inspiring heart healthy menu items sold at competitive market prices.

The AHI healthy Trendz café features digital menu boards, a new fresh and tasty menu, an upscale specialty beverage program, a retail program and the introduction of biodegradable “to go” packaging. The Trendz retail program features an authentic Italian whole-bean bagged Fantini coffee beans, Red Espresso and Trendz reusable mugs. Trendz is committed to environmental responsibility, and this next progression of the Trendz brand highlights the use of high efficiency kitchen and unique Fantini coffee cups for in-house consumption of hot beverages.

The AHI healthy Trendz café menu features low-sodium items prepared and finished on site to ensure the highest level of freshness and quality control. The heart healthy menu features in-house chef prepared menu items that have been developed with support from out vendor partners with the 6-step to a healthier you program from the cornerstones of the new fresh and tasty menu.

Health conscious consumers are demanding healthier food options to cater to their needs for nutritious eating and proper weight management. The retail food service industry has responded by adding healthy meal options to their existing menus but it is difficult to find a concept that has healthy eating at its core.

The Healing Garden

The Guru Nanak Dev Healing Garden is one of the South Asian community’s largest gifts to the city of Edmonton. Named after prophet Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469-1539), the founding guru of the Sikh faith, the 4,000 square foot indoor garden space incorporates 5 elements to improve the healing process for patients: wood (which embodies growth), water (life), earth (sustainability), metal (strength) and fire (energy).

Other Resources


Health Information / Records Management
The Health Records department provides patients with information on medical records.
Telephone: 780-407-6997

Patient Information
Provides directions and answers to inquires about a patient's location.
Telephone: 780-407-8408

Admitting provides patients with inpatient admitting and registration.
Telephone: 780-407-4281

Connects patients, their guests, and staff to various departments and health units throughout the hospital.
Telephone: 780-407-8822