Healthy Eating at Work

Healthy Eating Starts Here

About 70 per cent of Alberta adults spend most of their day at work. This makes the workplace an essential setting for creating a culture of healthy eating.

Healthy eating at work can boost concentration and productivity while improving your overall health. Creating supportive eating environments and policies can promote healthy eating practices in your workplace. 

AHS Healthy Eating Environment Initiative
Read how AHS is working towards making healthy eating the easy choice in AHS facilities.

Healthier Together: Healthy Eating Strategy Kit
Access a healthy eating toolkit to help you integrate strategies to promote healthy eating in your workplace.

Shift to Healthy Eating at Work
Resources, tip sheets, and posters to help you promote healthy eating practices at work.

Support Employees with Healthy Eating
Toolkits, articles, and other valuable resources to help you create a supportive eating environment for your employees.