AHS Healthy Eating Environment

Healthy Eating Starts Here

Our Goal

As a health organization, AHS leaders, staff, physicians and visitors told us leading by example is the right thing to do.

AHS is working towards making healthy eating the easy choice:

  • More healthy foods and drinks available at AHS sites
  • Encourage and enable healthy eating for all
  • Leaders, staff and food vendors working together

All AHS leaders, staff and physicians are encouraged to champion changes toward a healthier eating environment within their role and scope of influence. Together we can make healthy eating environment a reality.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Accomplishments

The Healthy Eating Environment policy has been in place since 2011. This policy demonstrates AHS’ organizational commitment towards change and provides direction for the future. Change has and continues to occur within AHS facilities to make a healthier eating environment for all.

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Resources for Creating Change

People wearing green, holding up broccoli

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