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Promote Healthy Eating

AHS Healthy Eating Environment, Healthy Eating Starts Here

Everyone at AHS can act to promote the health and wellness of themselves and those they work with. A supportive environment makes it easier to achieve healthy eating goals. Use the Strategies and Ideas for AHS Staff or resources on this page to get started.

Network with others who share your passion for promoting wellness and healthy workplace environments. Visit Insite (internal webpage) to learn more about the AHS Wellness Champion Network (WCN).

“We have the same goals and it’s more fun and easier to do it as a group”- AHS staff

What you can do to promote healthy eating:

Share Info

Share Healthy Foods

Organize Wellness Activities

Ask for Change


Share information

Share healthy foods

Organize wellness activities

Ask for change

  • Ask managers and site leaders how you can provide feedback on foods and drinks for sale or offered in your area or site
  • Food and Drinks for Sale in AHS – share information about changes that can be made to food and drinks sold in your area or site

What have others done?

Success Stories


Talk to your manager or email your questions to

Healthy Eating at Work