Be Inspired by Others

Food and drinks for sale

Cafeterias and gift shops

AHS cafeterias are stepping up to the plate and meeting the customer demand for healthier choices with items such quinoa salad and healthy catering, with no deep fryers. “Right sized” portions are also being offered in gift shops.

Vending machines

Read how AHS site are making healthy vending a reality, including a health centre and hospital.

Meetings and celebrations

Whether it is a formal meeting or a celebration, healthy food and drink choices are is possible. See examples of how others have done it:

Promote healthy eating: share information and organize wellness activities

Share healthy eating tips throughout the year, like the staff at St. Theresa General Hospital who created a: A Healthy Spin on the Festive Season

Read about the healthy eating challenges taken on by Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, and WestView Health Centre.

Promote healthy eating: share healthy foods and drinks

Enjoy healthy food and drinks together.

Themed potlucks such as "That’s a wrap” and “Twin Brooks Healthy Salad Bars” are a fun way to share food. You can also pick a theme based on certain times of the year such as spring:  Greens and Grains potluck and fall: Harvest Soup Lunch and “It’s the great pumpkin lunch.”

Read how a public health centre keeps everyone hydrated with fruit infused water.

Do you have a success story to share?

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Healthy Eating at Work