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Research & Innovation

Embedding research, innovation and analytic capacity in the health care system helps ensure Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides patient-focused, quality health care to more than four million Albertans. Every day, in every corner of the province, thousands of individuals including health care providers, researchers, administrators, patients and families are involved in creating and using new research knowledge.

This work improves the quality of patient care, increases operational efficiencies and advances health care as a whole. Teams might be investigating how a newly developed piece of equipment helps us attack cancer tumours more effectively, how changes in practice guidelines mean surgery patients go home faster, or even how changes in staffing affect patient flow through the system.

Researchers and innovators are supported by teams that provide expertise in evaluation, health economics, analytics, health technology assessment, innovation, research administration and knowledge management. Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs), which provide province-wide linkages across major clinical areas, are another example of AHS’ commitment to research, innovation and analytics.

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Health System Access for Research
For information on research-related access to the health system and research administration matters such as patient recruitment, obtaining operational approval, access to AHS data sources, IT system and purchased service departments.

Health Systems Evaluation and Evidence (HSEE)
For full service research and evaluation support.

Innovation Management
For information and services to develop and implement health innovations

Knowledge for Change
For evidence-based supports in knowledge translation, including synthesis, exchange, dissemination and implementation strategies.

Knowledge Resource Services
For information on health care library resources and services.

Research Support Fund Acknowledgement
As an affiliate organization of the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, AHS acknowledges the contribution of the Research Support Fund (RSF) to partially offset the indirect cost of research for federally funded projects conducted at Alberta Health Services. Information about the universities’ allocation to AHS can be found by visiting the University of Alberta's Research Support Fund and the University of Calgary's Research Support Fund.