Project Updates - Diabetes

Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Strategic Clinical NetworkTM


The DON SCN is working to improve diabetes care in the community and for patients in hospital. Why is this important?

Diabetes Care in the Community

Diabetes Eye Care Clinical Pathway

Developed in collaboration with the Neurosciences, Rehabilitation and Vision SCN, Alberta Association of Optometrists, and Alberta Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Support Unit, the pathway supports regular eye health exams, improving screening for diabetic retinopathy and coordination between optometrists, patients, and primary care providers.

The work also includes resources for patients and primary care providers to increase awareness about eye care screening and access to diabetes eye health exams.

Primary Care Supports

Diabetes Foot Care Clinical Pathway

This pathway was created to prevent foot ulcers, a complication of diabetes that accounts for 70% of lower limb amputations in Alberta. The pathway supports improved screening, assessment, referral, treatment and follow-up for patients with diabetes and includes a comprehensive toolkit of resources for patients, clinicians and pharmacists. Tools include guidelines, videos, an implementation guide, and links to podiatry and other foot care services.

Primary Care Supports

Diabetes Care in Hospital

Inpatient glycemic management

The DON SCN has been leading and facilitating a series of quality improvement initiatives that support patients in achieving glycemic targets while in hospital.

This work has led to the successful implementation of provincial guidelines and improved hospital glycemic management protocols in over 95% of Alberta hospitals and early adoption of these standards within the provincial Connect Care clinical information system.

Examples of priority initiatives that are part of this work:

Diabetes and Virtual Health

The DON SCN is leading and supporting several initiatives that use virtual health technologies to deliver diabetes, obesity and nutrition services as part of community or specialty care programs.


DISER, the Diabetes Infrastructure for Surveillance, Evaluation and Research, is an Integrated database and interactive dashboard to support diabetes research and quality improvement in Alberta.



Diabetes-specific information and resources for patients, families and healthcare providers.