Emergency Department

Emergency Department

Assessing Your Child's Condition

If your child has life-threatening illness or injury, immediately phone 911.

If you are concerned that your child is seriously ill or injured, go to the nearest emergency department.

For other health concerns about your child phone:

  • your family doctor, or
  • for 24/7 service from a registered nurse phone Health Link at 811.

Coming to the Emergency Department

Waiting times may vary considerably depending on the time of day, how busy the department is and if there are any emergencies at the time.

Alberta Health Services provides an estimated waiting time to see a physician in some emergency departments in Alberta. Estimated wait times are available for the Stollery emergency department and other Edmonton area emergency departments

Seating is limited in our waiting room and patient care rooms. We encourage those coming to the Stollery Emergency Department to limit the number of family members to two adults. There are sick children in the waiting room and patient care areas; we encourage you to leave any healthy children at home whenever possible.

What to Bring

If possible, please bring the child’s provincial health care card, a list of current medications/health concerns, and contact information for the child’s doctor(s).

How to Find Us

The emergency department entrance is located on east side of hospital. You can also get to the emergency department from inside the hospital. Look for signage to the Stollery emergency throughout the hospital, ask at the information desk located near the bank machines on the main floor of the hospital inside the south 112th and 114th street entrance, or ask a staff member how to get there if you are unsure.

Arriving at the Emergency Department

Where to Park

Parking fees at meters, the emergency lot, and the east parkade are in effect 24 hours per day. Applicable fees are posted in public parking areas. University of Alberta Hospital - Parking Map

What to Expect

The first person in the Stollery Emergency Department you will meet with is a triage nurse, who will assess your child's medical care needs. After the triage nurse has assessed your child, you will be asked to proceed to registration. Your child will either be sent to a bed immediately or you will be asked to wait in the waiting room until a space becomes available.

Emergency is not a first-come, first-serve system. Critical ill patients are attended to first.

Alert the nurse if your child’s condition gets worse while you are in the waiting room.

Stollery Emergency Entrance

Entrance to the Stollery Children's Hospital Emergency Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child eat and drink?

Talk to a nurse or a doctor before giving your child anything to eat or drink in the emergency department. Some tests and medicines can only be given on an empty stomach. If your child does eat or drink something, it may delay his or her treatment.

What happens when you go home?

After your child has been treated and discharged you will receive instructions to take home. You may be asked to visit your family doctor or be referred to a specialist for follow up care. Our staff will make the referral and the specialist’s office will contact you for an appointment.

If your child's condition gets worse or problems develop when you get home:

  • phone your family doctor, or
  • for 24/7 service from a registered nurse phone Health Link at 811, or
  • you can return to the Stollery emergency department.
What if your child has to stay in hospital?

If the doctor decides that your child needs to stay at the Stollery Children’s Hospital for further treatment, they will be assigned to a bed on a unit in our hospital. We will assist with the transfer within the hospital and your child's care will be handed over to the medical and nursing staff on your child's new unit. On most units, there is room for one parent to stay overnight in the child's room.

Who will take care of my child?

When it is your child’s turn, you will be called by a nurse who takes you to room where they will examine your child and ask more questions. Your child will be seen by an emergency department pediatrician who will continue the examination and arrange for your child to be treated. Sometimes, the pediatrician may decide that your child needs to see another specialist.

The Stollery Children’s Hospital is a teaching hospital. Our staff and physicians teach people who want to become doctors, nurses, and other health care workers. During their training these individuals may work with the nurses and doctors who are responsible for your child's care.