Well on Your Way

You may want to continue going to school after you graduate from high school. You have many options so it is a good idea to start planning and preparing for this transition early. For example, if you have a health condition or disability, you will have to think about whether going away to school is right for you.

Some common questions are below.

What will I take and where will I go?

To find out more about post-secondary schools and programs offered in Alberta, go to Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS). ALIS also offers a Transition Planning Guide for students with disabilities.

Are there resources to support me if I have a disability or health condition?

Post-secondary schools offer accessibility services to support you if you have a disability or health condition. Supports—usually called accommodations—may include things like scribes, computers, parking passes, extra time, special software, a standing desk, audio recordings, or dictation services. Register for school accessibility services early.

To learn more:

  1. Visit the ALIS website for information about Post-Secondary Schools
  2. Click on the school that interests you.
  3. Search on the school’s website for ‘disability services’, or contact the school to ask about the accessibility services they offer.

If you are missing lots of school because of your condition, make sure to let your instructors and the accessibility services team know so they can help you come up with a plan.

How will I pay for my schooling?

What if I have a developmental disability?

Many universities and colleges offer specialized programs those with a developmental disability.

To learn more about going to school, check out the recommended resources below or visit our Resources section.