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Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP)

The Alberta Healthy Living Program provides services to those living with chronic conditions in communities throughout Alberta. For more information visit our website (central zone tab) or our service listing for contact information.

Workshops include Better Choices, Better Health®, Craving Changes, Diabetes the Basics, Heart Wise, Healthy Lifestyles Series, Nutrition, Stress Less and Weight Wise Workshops:

Better Choices, Better Health®

Better Choices, Better Health® provides free workshops that offer support to people who have ongoing chronic health conditions, or are at risk of developing a condition (such as high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, chronic pain and others).

Chronic Disease

Six-week series of free workshops helps residents live well with chronic diseases.

  • Stettler, October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1 & 8 (details)

Diabetes the Basics

Diabetes The Basics is offered as a two-part group session led by AHS professionals who share their expertise, provide information and encourage discussions that can help participants better manage their condition.

  • Sundre, September 9, 16, 23 & 30 (details)
  • Red Deer, September 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25 & October 2 (details)
  • Camrose, September 12, 19, 26 & October 3 (details)
  • Three Hills, September 24, October 1, 8 & 15 (details)
  • Drumheller, September 26, October 3, 10 & 17 (details)
  • Rocky Mountain House, October 3 (details)

Heart Wise

Heart Wise Managing Cholesterol and Blood Pressure is a free, two-part group session offered by Alberta Health Services.

  • Drayton Valley, September 18 & 25 (details)
  • Stettler, September 20 & 27 (details)
  • Red Deer, September 23 & 30 (details)

Healthy Lifestyle Series

The Lifestyle Series offers free workshops led by AHS health professionals who share their expertise and guide interactive group sessions. Workshops include Ready for Change and Sleep Well.

Ready for Change

Learn about making healthy lifestyle choices to improve health, including the steps involved in making a healthy lifestyle change, and ways to make changes that will work for you.

Sleep Well

Discover tips to help you sleep better, reasons why you may have trouble falling asleep, and the important link between quality sleep and good health.

  • Rocky Mountain House, September 25 (details)
  • Drayton Valley, September 23 (details)
  • Sundre, November 4 (details)


Workshops include: Eating Away From Home and on Special Occasions, Goodbye Mealtime Struggles, I Know I Should Eat Healthy, But How?, Lifestyle Change: A Toolkit for Success, Managing Emotional Eating, Nutrition: The Top Five Tips To Reduce Calories and Nutrition Labels: Reading Between the Lines.

Eating Away From Home and on Special Occasions

Free workshop led by AHS health professionals. Learn how buffets, parties, vacation and holiday eating can affect caloric intake.

Goodbye Mealtime Struggles

Offers tips and support in dealing with young picky eaters.

  • no listings at this time

Lifestyle Change: A Toolkit for Success

Free workshop led by AHS health professionals who share their expertise and guide interactive group sessions.

Nutrition: The Top Five Tips To Reduce Calories

Learn the top five ways to lower calories and practice new strategies.

Nutrition Labels: Reading Between the Lines

Learn about label reading and understanding the nutrition facts table.

Stress Less

Learn about the different levels of stress, stress triggers, the effects of stress on the body and ways to remove, reduce, and prevent stress. Workshops include Minding Stress.

  • Drumheller, November 14 (details)

Minding Stress

Discover ways to effectively reduce and manage stress in daily life, learn about the hidden costs of stress and explore causes.

  • Sundre, October 28 (details)
  • Drayton Valley, October 29 & November 5 (details)

Weight Wise Workshops

Numerous specialized workshops that offer safe and effective strategies to keep a health lifestyle and weight. Worshops include Getting Started, Moving Matters, Move Your Mood, Supervised Exercise Information Sessions and The Truth about What Works.

Getting Started

Learn about obesity, how obesity impacts your life and health, as well as how to record what you eat, your physical activity and how you are feeling emotionally.

I Know I Should Eat Healthy, But How?

Learn tips on how to put your nutrition knowledge into practise with the 4 P’s: Plan, Purchase, Prepare and Pack.

  • Drayton Valley, November 12 (details)
  • Drumheller, November 21 (details)

Managing Emotional Eating

Workshops offer safe, effective strategies to form positive food relationships.

  • Red Deer, September 11, 18 & 25 (details)
  • Olds, September 12, 19 & 26 (details)
  • Stettler, September 16, 23, & 30 (details)

Moving Matters

Learn about the benefits and barriers to becoming more active, ways to become more physically active, and how to set personal activity.

  • Coronation, September 25 (details)
  • Drayton Valley, September 25 (details)
  • Drumheller, October 17 (details)

Move Your Mood

Eight-week healthy lifestyle program for children and youth promoting the benefits of physical activity, healthy eating and positive coping to enhance mental and physical wellness.

  • No listings at this time

Supervised Exercise Information Sessions

Teaches participants with chronic conditions how to exercise safely, prevent injury and stay on track for living healthy

  • Drayton Valley, September 25 (details)
  • Rocky Mountain House, October 2 (details)
  • Sundre, October 3 (details)

The Truth about What Works

Workshops offer safe, effective strategies to keep pounds under control

Time to Move

Discuss the difference between active living and exercise, the health benefits of regular exercise, and ways to introduce physical activity into your daily life.

Balance and Mobility Program

A free eight-week program starts next month to help seniors prevent falls, primarily in the home.

  • no listings at this time

Bereavement Program

This free eight-week program teaches participants how to cope with one’s grief.

  • Drayton Valley, Wednesdays starting September 11 to October 30 (details)

Healthy Living Centre / The Fitness Centre

  • Camrose - offers a variety of health information sessions and classes with a focus on prevention and promotion, clinical rehabilitation and chronic illness and is an extension of the Community Rehabilitation Program. (Partnered with the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services) Various times and dates, see Healthy Living Centre for details.

Pre and Post Natal

Expectant parents are encouraged to start planning now for their journey from pregnancy to delivery and the arrival of their newborn. Prenatal education is an important tool to help you understand what is ahead. View our Prenatal Education Programs service listing for more information and contact info.

The Prenatal website provides access to many resources available in your area to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Infant Nutrition

Registered dietitians answer questions about introducing solids and textures.

  • Camrose, September 12 & November 21 (details)
  • Kitscoty, September 30 (details)
  • Rocky Mountain House, October 2 (details)
  • Sylvan Lake, October 2 (details)
  • Vegreville, October 2 (details)

Starting Off Healthy

  • no listings at this time


Quit Core is a free, 6 session, group support program that provides Albertans (18+) with the tools and skills they need to stop using tobacco for good. For more information visit

  • Drayton Valley, Tuesday starting September 3 to October 8 (details)
  • Rocky Mountain House, Tuesdays starting September 17 to October 22 (details)
  • Two Hills, Tuesdays starting September 10 to October 15 (details)
  • Red Deer, Tuesdays starting September 10 to October 15 (details)
  • Hardisty, Fridays starting September 13 to October 18 (details)


Rehabilitation works to support wellness and quality of life, and improve the ability to participate in meaningful life

  • Community Rehabilitation refers to services that are available in Albertans’ communities, outpatient clinics or other settings.

Screen Test

Screen Test, offers screening mammograms at two fixed locations – one in Edmonton and one in Calgary. But sometimes getting to a screening clinic isn’t easy or it’s simply too far away. That’s why Screen Test also has two mobile breast cancer screening trailers that travel to about 120 communities throughout rural Alberta. For more information visit

  • no listings at this time