Newcomer Nutrition Education Toolkit

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This toolkit supports program providers and health professionals who work with newcomers to Canada. It is a collection of nutrition teaching resources for people who are English language learners and have diverse cultural backgrounds.


You can use these presentations to facilitate discussions with newcomers about food in Canada. Given Canada’s wide and rich cultural diversity, it’s not possible to include foods and practices of all learners. Instead, we encourage you to start discussions with newcomers on popular foods and healthy eating practices from their countries of origin.  

Language Learning Resources

You can use these lesson plans and vocabulary cards to include healthy eating content in language teaching.

Nutrition Lessons for English Language Learners

Food Vocabulary Cards


You can use these displays to provide picture-based information about healthy eating. You can set these displays up in common areas or use them to facilitate group discussions.

Pictorial & Translated Handouts

Many learners are looking for short, visual resources on nutrition topics or resources in other languages. 

Nutrition Handouts

This webpage has handouts about pregnancy and breastfeeding, feeding baby, food safety, and many more topics for adults and families with children.


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Other Resources


We want to hear from newcomer-serving agencies or health professionals in Alberta who have used the resources in the Toolkit. If you would like to provide feedback, contact for more information.