Nutrition for Pregnancy & Lactation

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Evidence-based nutrition information and tools to guide conversations with clients who are pregnant or lactating and their families.

Referring Your Client

Nutrition Services

Referring Patients for Nutrition Services - for individuals who may need extra guidance to meet their nutrition needs during pregnancy or who have a medical condition that is impacted by nutrition.

Free Workshops & Classes

Refer clients to Find Nutrition Services Workshops & Classes - virtual group nutrition workshops and classes that are facilitated by AHS dietitians. Search Topic – Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

Provider Resources

Tools to Support Your Practice

Nutrition Guidelines

You can find evidence-based information to guide the nutrition care of clients who are pregnant with singletons, multiples, or who are lactating.


Evidence Review: Maternal Health

You can use this comprehensive review of evidence to help develop effective strategies to communicate nutrition information to people who are pregnant and their families. 

AHS Breastfeeding Policy

Care providers play a vital role in supporting families in their breastfeeding journey. The AHS Breastfeeding Policy supports care providers across the continuum of care to implement standardized, evidence-informed practices and key messages.

Learning Opportunities

Alberta Health Services offers the following modules/courses:

  • 20-hour Breastfeeding Course, Breastfeeding Initiative - free, CME-accredited self-pace online learning, designed to enhance your knowledge and confidence in supporting families to achieve their breastfeeding goals
  • Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain (University of Calgary) - self-learning online course for healthcare providers
  • Nutrition e-Learning Modules - see Nutrition for Breastfeeding Parents module. This module provides information on nutrition for lactation, to help health professionals support lactating parents in meeting their nutrient needs.

Client Resources

Nutrition for Pregnancy & Lactation

Guide your clients on how to find handouts on important nutrition topics, practical information about eating during pregnancy and lactation, how to access free education classes and how to speak with a dietitian.


Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) supports the health and well-being of people who are pregnant, new parents, and their babies. Find CPNP programs in Alberta.

The CPNP First Nations and Inuit Component provides support for perinatal individuals and their babies up to 12 months of age living on reserve in Alberta. To reach a specific Nation’s CPNP program, contact the Nation’s Health Centre.