Recovery & Rehabilitation After COVID-19: Resources for Health Professionals


Last Updated: December 21, 2022

The information and resources for people with long COVID are currently under review to reflect new knowledge and understanding of the condition. Patients and providers can call the Rehabilitation Advice Line at 1-833-379-0563.

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If your patient has had COVID-19, they may be struggling with symptoms that last longer than 4 weeks. They may also develop long COVID or post COVID, which is the group of symptoms that last more than 12 weeks after an initial COVID-19 infection.

Information for Patients

Assess Your Patients’ COVID-19 Recovery Needs

Step 1: Acknowledge that your patient may have long COVID

  • There are over 200 symptoms that make up long COVID. If your patient is suspected to have had COVID-19, they may have long COVID and should be screened to identify the most appropriate supports for their symptoms.

Step 2: Complete the assessment for long COVID

Step 3: Share the Universal Self Care Resources with all patients, regardless of their PCFS score, as early as possible:

Step 4: Refer patients to additional supports including Targeted and Personalized Resources when COVID-19 symptoms last longer than 12 weeks

If your patient has concerns beyond physical symptoms, consider additional screening tools such as:

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Support Lines & FAQ

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Screening & Pathways for Rehabilitation & Recovery

Long COVID Zone - Specific Pathways. The pathways below include links of service listings by symptom area that are intended for online use only. Do not print these resources as they are colour coded and are updated as service availability changes.

Long (Post) COVID Adult Provincial Pathways

COVID-19 Pediatric Pathway

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Provider Online Education

For more videos in this series, view the Long COVID Micro Learning Video Series playlist.

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Data Reporting / Coding for COVID-19

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Additional Resources / Background Information