Connect Care Identifiers

Delivery of Results to Community-based Providers from Connect Care

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Use your Connect Care IDs on all lab and DI requisitions
  • Obtain your Connect Care ID using the Connect Care ID Look Up Tool
    • This web-based tool allows providers and clinics to look up their Connect Care identifiers. To log in, use a practioner ID and associated last name. The application will then display the provider ID for the provider and allow users to search for submitter and department IDs by name, address or postal code.

What Do I Need to Know?

Community-based providers and clinics across Alberta who order laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and other interventions are being given new Connect Care Identifiers (IDs) to use when ordering. The Connect Care provider and location identifiers assist in delivering results to the correct location. Requisitions continue to require patient identifiers, clinic name, and clinic address along with the Connect Care Identifiers.

Connect Care IDs are replacing current lab and diagnostic imaging identifiers as Connect Care implements across Alberta. As the various Connect Care implementation waves proceed, interim state processes require providers to enter both legacy (e.g. Millenium) and Connect Care identifiers on requisitions.

Please start using Connect Care IDs on requisitions as soon as you receive them to support efficient results routing. Please continue to also include non-Connect Care IDs on requisitions. Thank you to the many community providers and clinics across Alberta already using Connect Care Identifiers on lab and DI requisitions.

Provider Identifier

The Connect Care provider ID is a unique number used to identify each ordering provider in the province. This number will be used to identify providers when ordering laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and other interventions.

Submitter Identifier

The Connect Care submitter ID is one of two numbers used to identify the unique location (clinic or site) from which an order is placed. The identifier will ensure that results are delivered back to the correct clinic. The submitter ID will be used to identify unique clinics in lab orders and results.

Department Identifier

The Connect Care department ID is the other number, used to identify a unique ordering location (clinic or site). The department ID is used on orders for and results of diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, and cardiology interventions.

Connect Care IDs are distinct from Medical Record Numbers associated with individual patients and do not impact Netcare access. Providers use AHS credentials to access Connect Care if they use the Clinical Information System.

When Will I Receive My Connect Care Identifiers if I Use eDelivery?

If you receive lab, DI and other reports via eDelivery, your Connect Care IDs should already be loaded in your EMR. Clinics affected by upcoming Connect Care Waves may also receive an email from AHS eDelivery to confirm which providers work at that location. If your EMR is missing your Connect Care IDs, please contact your EMR vendor for support.

When Will I Receive my Connect Care Identifiers if I Receive Results by Fax or Courier?

If you receive lab, DI and other reports via fax or courier, Connect Care IDs are being mailed in a staged manner to providers across Alberta. Many providers have already received their IDs. All providers and clinics should already have received their Provider and Department IDs. Clinics in Edmonton Zone and the Peace Region in North Zone will also have received their Submitter ID. The remaining Submitter IDs will be mailed to clinics in late 2021 or early 2022.