Clinical Document Delivery to the Community

Delivery of Results to Community-based Providers from Connect Care

In Connect Care, clinical documents created by prescribers take two main forms:

  • Notes - Content that originates from inpatient or Emergency Department care documentation.
  • Letters (also called Communications within Connect Care) - Generated in ambulatory or inpatient care to send information to named recipients within and/or external to AHS.

Key things to know about how clinical documents are distributed to the community from Connect Care:

  • Six types of notes (referred to as summative notes) are automatically distributed to Netcare and by eDelivery to the community primary care provider (PCP) on file for the patient at AHS:
    • Emergency Department Provider Note
    • Admitting History & Physical
    • Inpatient Consultation Report
    • Operative Report
    • Labour & Delivery Report
    • Discharge Summary (including Inter-facility & Decreased Summary)
  • All of the above notes except the Emergency Department Provider Note are also eDelivered to the author.
  • Other types of inpatient documentation (e.g. progress notes) are not distributed outside of Connect Care.
  • Unlike notes, letters are not sent automatically. Letters are sent to Netcare and by eDelivery to the community primary care provider (PCP) and/other recipients the author chooses, only when the author selects an Shared Externally template when creating the letter within Connect Care.

If documents are not appearing in your EMR, check placemat for help. If you still need help, call 1-877-311-4300 (select 1 for Clinical Applications, then 1 for Connect Care), with your location, contact info, and Prac ID. Note: this document reflects current state, which will change as improvements to clinical document delivery are made.

If you’re a Connect Care user, here’s what to remember to ensure your documents are going to the community providers you intend:

  • Ensure the correct PCP and referring provider is entered in the patient's Connect Care chart
  • Ensure you use the correct Shared Externally template when generating ambulatory clinic letters