Terms Glossary

Delivery of Results to Community-based Providers from Connect Care

AHS: Alberta Health Services

Connect Care Identifiers: Connect Care Identifiers include Connect Care Provider, Department and Submitter identifiers, and are used with other information on a requisition for labs, diagnostic imaging and other interventions to support correct routing of results to the authorizing provider.

Connect Care Department Identifier: The Connect Care department ID is used to identify a unique ordering location (clinic or site) to route results of diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, and cardiology interventions.

Connect Care Provider Identifier: The Connect Care provider ID is a unique number used to identify each ordering provider in the province. This number will be used to identify providers in all areas and functions touched by Connect Care. It is used to order laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and other interventions.

Connect Care Submitter Identifier: The Connect Care submitter ID is used to identify the unique location (clinic or site) from which an order is placed. The identifier will ensure that results are delivered back to the correct clinic. The submitter ID will be used to identify unique clinics in lab orders and results.

eDelivery: eDelivery is a secure service to electronically deliver patient results from a data source (for example, laboratory tests or diagnostic imaging) to an electronic medical record (EMR). eDelivery assists healthcare providers in having the most up-to-date patient information, thus ensuring the highest quality health care.

Interim State: Connect Care is being implemented in a sequential way that will impact the current state of many areas. An interim state exists when some programs / services have implemented Connect Care and are required to share information with services or programs who have not yet launched. For example, some clinics may not yet be using Connect Care, but will be ordering labs or DI that will be resulted in Connect Care. Providers at these clinics will need to use Connect Care IDs in an “interim state” until they are able order these tests in Connect Care.

Primary or Default Location: Ordering providers are asked to identify a single primary location at which to receive results that are copied (cc’d) to them via Connect Care. These “copied to” results from Connect Care can only be sent to this one “primary” or “default” location. For providers who also work within Connect Care, this location will be set to “In Basket.” For providers who work at multiple clinic locations in the community, they can identify at which clinic they prefer to receive copied results. Providers who do not use Connect Care can update their primary or default location using Request for Provider/Prescriber Set-Up in Health Information Systems Form.