Teaching Sexual Health

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The Teaching Sexual Health initiative was developed to support teachers, educators and parents in teaching sexual health to children and youth. The online resource includes both a teacher and parent portal.

Sexual health is very important to personal health and social well-being.

Research shows that comprehensive sexual health education:

  • greatly reduces risky sexual behaviours
  • gives children and youth the information and skills to make healthy informed decisions
  • delays sexual activity
  • reduces rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancies in the under 18 age group

This is especially important, as Alberta has higher rates of many STIs than the rest of Canada.


Parent Portal

The parent portal has age and developmentally appropriate information about sexual and reproductive health. The parent portal:

  • provides parents with sexual health information for children and youth aged 0 to 18 years
  • complements what’s taught in the classroom
  • has tips to increase communication between parents and children, links to reliable community agencies, and other information about sexual and reproductive health

Teacher Portal

The teacher portal includes information, lesson plans and teaching strategies for teachers and educators to increase their knowledge, comfort, and capacity to teach the human sexuality curriculum. The teacher portal:

  • is an Alberta Education authorized resource
  • offers free online teacher workshops four times a year

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