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Breastfeeding offers health benefits that are not available with other feeding options. Current infant feeding recommendations are to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months and to continue to breastfeed up to two years and beyond.

Although breastfeeding initiation rates in Alberta are high—with most parents deciding to breastfeed—there is a significant drop-off following initiation. Even if parents intend to follow infant feeding recommendations, they may not always be able to meet these goals. This is because breastfeeding is a learned skill that is influenced by many factors. Parents benefit from healthcare professional support that is tailored and sensitive to their context and needs. Breastfeeding support that is accessible, positive, knowledgeable and realistic will help parents feel more confident in their feeding decisions and their ability to meet their feeding goals.

To support breastfeeding recommendations within the Alberta context, Alberta Health Services has developed a provincial Breastfeeding Strategy. The aim of the strategy is to promote, protect and support breastfeeding in Alberta within a patient and family centred care approach.

Alberta Health Services is committed to advancing this important work, which includes policy, resources for healthcare professionals and families, and public awareness.

Breastfeeding Course

Alberta’s go-to online breastfeeding course for healthcare professionals.