Breastfeeding Education

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The protection, promotion and support for breastfeeding is a priority for Alberta Health Services (AHS). To support this priority, Healthy Children and Families completed literature reviews and a provincial scan of services and practices within AHS acute care and community facilities. Recommendations were made, including developing educational supports for health care providers.

Working with provincial stakeholders, HCF developed two online education modules for perinatal health care providers across Alberta: Breastfeeding Foundations and Breastfeeding Challenges and Supplementation. These modules provide standardized, evidence and practice informed education about breastfeeding. The modules can be accessed through AHS MyLearningLink and are also hosted by the Alberta Perinatal Health Program (APHP) as part of the perinatal health learning modules called STORC (Strategies for Teaching Obstetrics to Rural and Urban Caregivers).


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Breastfeeding Modules:

  • Breastfeeding Foundations and Breastfeeding Challenges and Supplementation are available to AHS employees on MyLearningLink through the internal AHS website. AHS employees with a MyLearningLink account can also remotely access MyLearningLink through the external portal on
  • Breastfeeding Foundations is also available on the APHP website that includes information to assist you with registering and accessing the module. Breastfeeding Challenges and Supplementation will be available soon.