Records Management, Archives & Special Collections

The Alberta Health Services Archives acquire, maintain, organize, protect and provide access to the permanent & vital records, images and artifacts of Alberta Health Services.

Alberta Health Services Archives is dedicated to locating and assisting with the preservation of historic materials relevant to all legacy regions throughout Alberta. As the central archival facility for AHS, the Archive staff offer advice and guidance to any local facility wishing to upgrade its storage and preservation conditions to facilitate retention of locally significant records and materials.

AHS Archives respects and recognizes that some records may be significant to certain facilities, locales, or organizations.

If AHS-Archive is approached to preserve vital & permanent records pertinent to these areas, it will first ensure that those facilities are not able to, or interested in, retaining the records, facilitate research access to them, or store them according to conservation standards. If that is the case, then such materials can be transferred to AHS Archives for central holding.

If historically significant materials can be accommodated in a local facility, AHS-Archive will maintain a central listing of these permanent & vital records and including some historic medical materials, ensuring a common access point for researchers.

More Information

For more information about our service, hours of operation and fees that may apply view the service listing for Archives & Historical Collections.