Collection Descriptions

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Archives and Historical Collections was formally established in 1997. We acquire, maintain, organize, protect, and provide access to permanent vital records, historic photographs and artefacts important to the history and corporate memory of AHS and its predecessor health regions.


The scope of our collections includes:

  • Artefacts of cultural or historical significance including medical kits, instruments, equipment, uniforms, and textbooks. 
  • Photographs of groundbreaking ceremonies, new facility structures, milestone celebrations, and historical facilities and figures. 
  • Facility Plans, including architectural drawings, sketches, plans, and blueprints.
  • Policy Documents including published policies, procedures, directives, bylaws, rules, standards, protocols, and guidelines.
  • Media Releases and Public Announcements including lecture/speech scripts, bulletins, advertisements, newspaper clippings, press releases, and announcements made available to the public.
  • Public Corporate Communications including corporate newsletters, corporate promotional materials, major initiatives, disaster planning and response, and corporate communications made available to the public.
  • Public Clinical Communications including patient educational materials, clinical newsletters, public health guides, clinical promotional materials, pandemic planning and response, communicable disease planning and response, and clinical communications made available to the public.
  • Public Board Records including decisions, minutes, and reports made available to the public.
  • Donations including records, photographs, or artefacts donated by the public.


To donate, inquire about, or request access to our collections, email: