Archive Services

Reference Services

The AHS Archivist & Curator responds to requests for historic information regarding the legacy organizations from AHS staff, specialized researchers, other heritage institutions and general public requests for information. Please note that a significant portion of Archival holdings are maintained in offsite storage. This may result in minor delays and fees for information retrieval.

Researchers are encouraged to email the Archivist / Curator at with details of their request, prior to their visit to the Archives, to allow the Archivist / Curator to respond to any questions they may have.

AHS researchers are required to complete a Researcher Agreement Form to ensure the confidentiality of any personal health information that they may encounter.  

Visiting the Archives

The AHS Archives and Historic Collections is open to the public and AHS Staff on Monday & Wednesday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  The Archives & Historic Collections are located at 1117 55th Ave. NE in Calgary.

The Archives is wheelchair accessible and has space for a maximum of 2 researchers.  It is advisable to contact the Archivist/Curator prior to your visit as materials may need to be ordered from offsite storage in advance of your visit.

The Archives features displays that are presented in a Visible Storage style, so visitors may enjoy some of the unique artifacts that are held at the Archives.

Care & Storage of Historic Collections

Proper care and storage of AHS historic collections ensures their preservation for the future, their retention for legal purposes, and their accessibility for researchers and health professionals.

These materials, ranging from records, vital records, photographs and artefacts, are stored and cared for according to standard procedures established by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI). Records, photographs and photo negatives for example, are stored in acid free envelopes, acid free file folders and acid free storage boxes. Artefacts, made from diverse materials (e.g. nursing uniforms, medical instruments, doctor’s bags) are stored and displayed on padded acid free surfaces. Lighting and windows in the Archive facility is UV protected; temperature and humidity is monitored and controlled.

Museum-quality cotton gloves are required for the care and handling of all historic materials. All researchers, volunteers, and temporary staff receive an orientation care and handling session prior to working with these rare historic materials.