AHS Historic Collections may acquire by gift, bequest, loan or transfer of any records, photographs, publications or artefacts, regardless of physical form or characteristic, pertinent to the history of Alberta's healthcare through negotiation with the persons giving, bequeathing, lending or transferring these materials. These acquisitions will be accepted only with the approval of the Archivist/Curator, Coordinator- Records Management, and the governing AHS administrative committee.

All potential acquisitions will be considered according to the criteria cited in A Critical Criteria Checklist for AHS Historic Collections in the AHS Historic Collections Collection Plan.

Anyone interested in donating or transferring historic materials must first contact the Archivist/Curator, Dennis Slater at to arrange for examination and assessment of the materials. Materials not cleared through this process will not be accepted.

Financial Gifts to the AHS Historic Collections

AHS Historic Collections will accept financial donations or bequests. Such funding will be used for the care and maintenance of collections, and for projects dedicated to increased public profile (e.g. exhibits) and research access to the historic materials.


Donations from individuals or organizations will be considered for acquisition only if the materials meet the criteria and priorities set in the 2009 AHS Historic Collections Collection Plan Donations will also be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Provenance – materials will not be acquired if they are of questionable historic value
  • Condition – Materials will not be acquired if they would require inordinate cost for conservation, storage or display
  • Legal ownership
  • Potential for display
  • Available space and staffing for care and storage of the objects (according to museum standards.)