Healthy Fundraising

AHS Healthy Eating Environment, Healthy Eating Starts Here

Schools, childcare centres, recreation centres and other work sites are working towards healthier eating environments. Within AHS, we need to make similar changes to support and role model health, including healthy fundraisers.

Fundraising activities might occur in AHS facilities to raise money for departments, programs, or external charities. While the money raised supports worthwhile causes, it is important that foods sold or served at these events support the health and wellness of the participants.

While selling unhealthy foods, like chocolates or donuts, is a common practice, it’s important to consider; if selling or providing unhealthy food is the best way to raise money and the conflicting message it sends to the public about health.

Research shows that non-food and healthy food fundraisers can raise the same amount of money or more compared to unhealthy fundraisers.