Hold the Salt

Healthy Eating Starts Here

eat less saltHold the Salt means eating less salt (sodium) or high sodium foods everyday. We need salt for our bodies to work properly, but like most Canadians, Albertans generally eat way too much of it.

Eating too much salt can increase risk for high blood pressure (which can affect your heart and kidneys as well as increase your risk of stroke), osteoporosis, stomach cancer and asthma.

Most of the salt we eat comes from processed food such as cheese, deli meats, pizza, sauces and soups. Interested in Getting Started with Eating Less Salt?

Easy ways to limit salt in the food you eat are:

  • Use smaller portions of packaged foods
  • Use less condiments or buying low sodium condiments
  • Try cooking without salt at home
  • Label reading can help you look for items that have a Daily Value of less than 15% for sodium.