Patient & Public Information

South Health Campus

South Health Campus (SHC) will be a full-service hospital and healthcare facility. This state-of-the-art centre will connect hospital care with community services, promote health as much as treat illness, and encourage health care providers to find innovative ways to care for patients.

The Campus focuses on patient and family-centred care. Patients and families will be full partners on their care teams, and in the planning, delivery and evaluation of health services.

The campus will serve Calgary and surrounding areas, but will also be a referral centre for southern Alberta. By late 2013, the SHC expects to have about 2,400 full-time staff and 180 doctors, who will care for about 300 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients.

In our Patient and Public Brochure you will find information on:

  • Directions and campus map
  • Bus routes and taxi services
  • Drop-off and pickup areas, and entrances
  • Public parking
  • Facility amenities

In our Patient Welcome Booklet you will find information to help patients prepare, arrive and settle into South Health Campus. Family Support is an important part of healing. Your family is welcome to be involved in your care as much as you choose. A family member/support person is welcome to stay overnight on most impatient units. Family/support person(s) are defined by you.

SHC Overcapacity Information for Patients and Families:

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working to help reduce patient wait times in the Emergency Department and to improve access to safe care for all patients throughout the province in hospitals, in the community and at home. All areas of the health system are working together to make sure the sickest patients are seen first and that all our patients receive timely access to care and are not left waiting. For more information, please refer to the SHC Overcapacity Information for Patients and Families brochure.


Well wishes to patients:

SHC volunteer resources department is set up to receive well wishes/emails to hand deliver to inpatients.