Day Surgery/Short Stay

South Health Campus

Day Surgery/Short Stay Unit Tour

Contact and General Service Information

For Your Appointment

You will be asked to contact the hospital one business/week day before your surgery date to find out what time you need to be at the hospital. You need to arrive 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled surgery time. *Scheduled times can vary several hours early or late.

Don't forget to bring your Alberta Healthcare card and photo ID. Make sure to bring all the medicine you take in their original containers.

When you arrive, please check in at the Admitting Department (on the main floor, behind the Information Desk).

A volunteer way finder will take you to the Day Surgery front desk on the 3rd floor to check in.

Finding Us

Day Surgery/Short Stay is on the 3rd floor. Take the Outpatient elevators near the information desk. On the 3rd floor, turn right and follow the hallway to the Day Surgery/Short Stay Unit

The Information Desk on the main floor has "wayfinders"; people in red shirts, who can help you find your way. There are also electronic kiosks throughout the hospital that can show you maps and give you directions.

What to Expect

You will be taken to a patient room where a nurse will help you to get ready for your surgery. *Your belongings will be safely stored until after your surgery

The anaesthesiologist will meet with you to assess your heath history.

The nurses, surgeons, and anaesthetist may ask you the same questions many times. This is to make sure everyone is familiar with you and your procedure. The surgeon may write his/her initials on your operative side limb before surgery.

A member of the surgical team will meet with you in Day Surgery, do a final review and then take you into the Surgical Suites (our operating rooms) for surgery.

You will see your surgeon before your surgery either in Day Surgery Unit or in the operating room.

After your surgery you will go to the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit to recover.

Once a bed becomes available after PACU you will either:

  • go back to the Day Surgery Unit until discharged home the same day
  • be transferred to the Short-Stay Unit, Unit 68 or Unit 78; depending on the surgery you had and your care needs after surgery