Patient Experience

Advancing the human experience in healthcare

Engagement & Patient Experience

The act of truly listening can change the course of health. When we invite patients and families to tell us about their experience of health services, what we hear can transform how we care for them and improve outcomes.

For Alberta Health Services' (AHS) Engagement & Patient Experience team, listening is at the core of everything we do. We use what we hear and what we learn from patients, families and healthcare providers to inform and support needed improvements to the quality, safety and experience of health services.

To learn more about how the Engagement & Patient Experience team advances patient and family centred care and engagement, explore these resources:

Shared Commitments

The Shared Commitments were developed to address areas that most frequently impact the healthcare experience of patients and their families. Patients, families and AHS healthcare providers have a shared responsibility to bring them to life.

Patient Engagement

Patient & family advisors partner with healthcare providers in many ways to provide input into policies, programs and practices that effect patient care and services.

What is patient and family engagement?

The philosophy and behaviors of patient engagement are founded on the belief that patients and their families are integral members of the healthcare team and actively participate in all aspects of care, including as partners in planning, implementation and evaluation of existing and future care and services.

AHS wants to engage with and respectfully listen to patients and families. Having these meaningful conversations helps us practice what we value and increases our health system's safety, transparency and accountability to Albertans.

Patient & Family Advisor Resources

Patient and family advisors help us to understand the patient and family perspective and to ensure we can provide the best care possible. The following resources are provided to help prepare you for your role.



This orientation is intended to teach you why AHS needs advisors, what they do, how to become an advisor and how to get the most out of your role. 

Additional Resources

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Meet the unsung heroes of our healthcare system – the staff liaison and the patient and family advisor – and discover how their extraordinary teamwork is revolutionizing the way we look at quality healthcare in AHS.

Safer Together

Safer Together supports patients and families in keeping themselves safe during care. Patients and their designated family/support person(s) play an important role in making care safe by being aware, informed and an active and involved member of their healthcare team.