Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies that test the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or procedures. Patients volunteer to participate in these studies, and medical professionals gain valuable information from the results.

Clinical trials are one of the best ways to test new methods to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent cancer. Standard treatments used today would not be available if they had not first gone through the clinical trial process. Through clinical trials, researchers have discovered less invasive surgical techniques, drugs with fewer side effects and treatments that improve patient outcomes.

If you or a loved one requires treatment for cancer, you may want to learn about available clinical trials. Clinical trials add to medical knowledge and contribute to better cancer care worldwide, and they’re available for various stages and types of cancer. Although there’s no guarantee of the outcome, the method or treatment being tested is under study because it may provide advantages over the current standard. Use the resources below to learn more or ask your healthcare provider if a trial is right for you.


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