Other Wellness Supports

Wellness means being as healthy as possible in our mind, body and life. Nutrition, movement and activity, social support and community connections are all important to help us live as well as we can.

In addition to the psychosocial and rehabilitation support that we provide, there are other sources of support you may find helpful both within AHS and in the community.

There are many organizations who can help with practical, emotional or physical supports.


Find emotional, social, spiritual, and informational support for you and your loved ones at Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton. Wellspring offers its supportive care programs and services at no charge.

Other Supports


Advanced, Chronic, Metastatic or
Non-Curative Cancer

A diagnosis or progression to advanced cancer can be very difficult to understand. All of these words hold different meaning for people.

Other helpful online resources:

Advanced Cancer Resource Sheet

Advanced Cancer Video Recordings

Canadian Cancer Society Advanced Cancer

Palliative Care – MyHealth Alberta

Patient Stories - 5 family advisors share their digital stories of what mattered most to them and their family members during their palliative and end of life journey. Find their digital stories here.

Coping with Advanced Cancer (National Cancer Institute)


Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Integrative & Complementary Therapies

Integrative and Complementary Medicine Resources

CAMEO (Complementary Medicine Education & Outcomes Program) Program

Influenza Immunization

Cancer Patients and Influenza Immunization (poster)

HSCT Patients and Influenza Immunization (poster)