Forzani & MacPhail Colon Cancer Screening Centre

Team of Experts

Our Staff Members

CCSC is operated by a dedicated team of CCSC staff including doctors, nurses and administrative staff who provide high quality colon cancer screening services.

  • Dr. Steven Heitman, Medical Director
  • Dr. Robert Hilsden, Director of Research

The team of physicians who perform the endoscopic procedures as part of the colonoscopy diagnostic test are listed below:


  • F. Adams
  • C. Andrews
  • A. Aspinall
  • J. Bailey
  • J. Bass
  • P. Belletrutti
  • D. Buie
  • E. Cheng
  • C. Cleary
  • S. Coderre
  • M. Cole
  • R. Daigle
  • I. Datta
  • S. Devlin
  • B. Eksteen
  • N. Forbes
  • J. Haussmann
  • J. Heine
  • S. Heitman
  • R. Hilsden
  • D. Jenken
  • D. Johnson
  • M. Kareemi
  • P. Kumar
  • D. Li
  • M. Ma
  • A. Maclean
  • M. Mathivanan
  • L. Meddings
  • T. Misra
  • R. Mohamed
  • T. Poon
  • R. Rochon
  • E. Ross
  • W. Rosen
  • M. Sadler
  • I. Soo
  • M. Stapleton
  • L. Stinton
  • C. Turbide
  • J. Williams

Colorectal Surgeons

Colorectal surgeons play an important role at the CCSC. As well as performing colonoscopies, they also provide the timely surgical management of cancers and large polyps found during screening at the CCSC.

  • Dr. Renelle Daigle
  • Dr. Indraneel Datta
  • Dr. W. Don Buie e
  • Dr. John Heine
  • Dr. Daryl Jenken
  • Dr. Doug Johnson
  • Dr. Anthony Maclean

GI Pathologists

Through its screening procedures, the CCSC generates a large number of specimens each day that must be expertly processed and interpreted by staff and pathologists at Calgary Laboratory Services. GI Pathologists provide expert consultations on complicated cases and have supported the CCSC’s efforts to develop evidence-based surveillance guidelines.