Forzani & MacPhail Colon Cancer Screening Centre

Quality Assurance

CCSC staff, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff, are dedicated to providing high quality colon cancer screening services. A comprehensive continuous quality improvement (CQI) program is used to ensure that the services provided at the CCSC are of the highest quality and that clients have the best possible experience.

Several methods are used to measure and improve the quality of the services provided at the CCSC:

  1. Biannual reporting to Canadian Global Rating Scale database
  2. Client experience questionnaires
  3. Measurement of colonoscopy quality indicators
  4. Tracking of wait times

The Annual Client Experience Questionnaires

These are comprehensive surveys that include questions assessing the quality of care provided at various steps of the colonoscopy experience, including the pre-assessment visit, the colonoscopy and post-colonoscopy care.

The Quality Assurance Report provides the results of the most recent Client Experience Questionnaires. Where relevant, information from other CQI activities is provided to further explore or explain issues raised by clients’ responses in the questionnaires.

Endoscopy Global Rating Scale

The CCSC’s Quality Assurance Committee uses the UK Endoscopy Global Rating Scale as a framework to guide its quality improvement activities.

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