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Since 2008, the CCSC has performed thousands of colonoscopies, an essential diagnostic procedure for preventing and detecting colon cancer. With everyone at risk for colon cancer, especially people over age 50 and individuals with a family history, these procedures saved lives by stopping colon cancer before it could grow and by detecting it in its early stages.

One in every 250 patients screened at the CCSC is diagnosed with colon cancer—that means a new case of colon cancer every four days. Of these newly diagnosed patients, 70 percent will have been diagnosed early enough that they are cured and will not require chemotherapy. Donating to the CCSC may save a life. Watch our Patient Success Stories (mp4 video, 190mb) video.

You can help CCSC save lives by donating: If you would like more information on the specific needs of the CCSC, please contact the Director, Major Gifts at the Calgary Health Foundation at (403) 943-0630.

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When colon cancer is detected early, there is a much higher chance of successful treatment and more treatment options available. Your gift could save the life of a family member, friend or neighbour. Watch this video on why donating is important: Why Donate to the CCSC Video (mp4 video, 120mb).

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Candace Bablak's Story

Candace Bablak

Candace Babiak was 60 years old when her family doctor asked her to do a FIT. Although it was not visible to her, blood was found in the test. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon Cancer. Candace had surgery in February 2002, and she is very happy to say her outcome was good. She wishes her doctor had asked her to do the FIT at an earlier age so the cancer might have been prevented. There is no family history of colon cancer she is aware of, and she has not been told she had any lifestyle issues that could have caused it.