Cardiovascular Health and Stroke
Strategic Clinical Network

The Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) aims to improve the prevention, treatment and management of vascular disease, bringing together programs and services that care for cardiac and stroke patients and their caregivers.

We are a province-wide team of health care professionals, researchers, community leaders, patients and policy makers, which aims to reshape heart and stroke care in Alberta.


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Getting Involved

Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

To learn more, or become more involved, contact : or

Network Members

Network Leadership

  • Dr. Jim Stone
    Senior Medical Director
  • Shelley Valaire
    Senior Provincial Director
  • Balraj Mann
    Executive Director
  • Dr. Colleen Norris
    Scientific Director
  • Dr. Christiane Job McIntosh
    Assistant Scientific Director
  • Agnes Lehman
    SCN Manager


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News, Updates


Keep posted on news, events and stories from the CvHS SCN, with our new e-newsletter called connected. Subscribe





News Releases

Alberta's stroke teams slash time to diagnose, treat patients March 6, 2017
Provincewide improvement initiative reduces average ‘door-to-needle’ time by half

Projects, Priorities

Project Storyboards


Related Resources


  • STEMI (ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction) Reperfusion Orders set and Rural Transfer Guidelines
    For use in all emergency departments to assist health professionals and physicians to make better and quicker decisions for patients having this type of heart attack. If you are a health professional,, learn more about this order set by viewing a recording. If you’re a physician, you may receive continuing medical education credits. You can access these orders through the Provincial Forms site using form number CH-0454.
  • RxEACH Study
    See how community pharmacists help patients reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke with the RxEACH study (The Alberta Vascular Risk Reduction Community Pharmacist Project) Patients benefited with reduced heart attack and stroke risk, improved blood pressure and blood sugars, and reduced cholesterol and tobacco use.


Research, Innovation

Getting Involved