Critical Care
Strategic Clinical Network

The Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network (CC SCN) is a community of health care providers, operational leaders and stakeholders from Alberta’s adult, cardiovascular, and pediatric critical care units. We take best practices, ground-breaking evidence, innovative ideas and local successes, and turn them into provincial ways of working.

Our mission is to be a recognized leader in the provision of optimal, sustainable, patient and family centred critical care across the health continuum.

Getting Involved

Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

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Network Members

Network Leadership

  • Barbara O’Neill
    Senior Provincial Director
  • Dr. Tom Stelfox
    Senior Medical Director
  • Dr. Michael Meier
    Deputy Medical Director
  • Sherri Kashuba
    Executive Director
  • Dr. Jeanna Parsons Leigh
    Assistant Scientific Director
  • Dr. Christiane Job McIntosh
    Acting Assistant Scientific Director
  • Selvi Sinnadurai
    Clinical Network Manager
  • Tara Bond
    Senior Consultant


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