Collaborative Practice

South Health Campus (SHC) is dedicated to providing patient care in a collaborative approach. Collaborative practice is health care providers working together with patients and families to contribute their knowledge and skills to care through a process of continuous communication and shared decision making (Health Professions Strategy & Practice, AHS 2011).

Examples of collaborative practice at SHC

  • Clinical Design Team (CDT): An interprofessional team developed the principles, vision and high level service models that helped shape SHC.
  • Zone pre-hire plan: SHC management worked with partners in their zone to create a plan to minimize the impact of hiring 3,500 staff.
  • Interprofessional training plan: Site-wide orientation and training plans include all professions where relevant. Department orientation and training also takes an interprofessional approach.
  • Decentralized staffing model: This model is applied to many support services, including hiring dedicated staff for a specific department or program.

Collaborative practice means...

  • Safe and quality care
  • Patient and family centred care
  • Joint decision making
  • Respecting and valuing different roles
  • Trusting and open communications
  • Sharing accountability in a just and equitable way
  • Building and preserving dignity and respect