When you're starting from scratch, you can do things differently. It allows you to incorporate what is working well elsewhere. Innovation is a philosophy that will make Calgary's newest hospital, South Health Campus (SHC), a different kind of health facility.

Innovation is the ability to make changes that result in more effective or efficient care. An innovation can be:

  • a new idea,
  • an existing idea or practice applied in a new setting, or
  • a different lens applied to an old problem leading to new insights and improvement.

Examples of innovation at SHC

  • It was constructed using the latest green standards.
  • It will have some of the most advanced equipment in North America, such as automated drug cabinets and an eSim lab.
  • Spaces are available for family members/support persons to sleep in single patient rooms.
  • There is a wellness centre and fitness facility for patients, community and staff.