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Asthma Pediatric Clinic

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Prior to Your Appointment

If your child is scheduled to have an Allergy Test:

  • do NOT use Antihistamine medications (such as Claritin, Reactine, or Benadryl) for at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the appointment date.

If your child is over 5 years old a lung function test may be performed in clinic.

  • do NOT use the “rescue” (blue puffer) medication for 4 hours before the test.
  • do NOT use long acting bronchodilator medications such as: Advair (purple puffer) Oxeze (white puffer with green bottom), or Symbicort (white puffer with red bottom) for 12 hours before the test.

For Your Appointment

Remember to bring your child’s Alberta Healthcare card and a piece of photo ID.


Finding Us

We are located in Oilers Ambulatory Clinic, located on the second floor on the north side of the Stollery Children’s Hospital. From the 112th street entrance walk straight towards the elevators and go to the second floor. The clinic is located in 2E within the Edmonton Oilers blue and orange painted entrance.

What to Expect

Typical appointments last one to two hours, so please come prepared. Bring your medications, inhalers and any devices with you. During the appointment we will review your family and medical information.

A physician exam may be required in some circumstances as certain physical characteristics can suggest the diagnosis of a respiratory condition. If required, a pediatric respirologist will perform an examination similar to ones performed by your family physician. Additionally, a breathing test may be done to help with diagnosing a condition or checking how well the asthma treatment is working.

To help with diagnosing respiratory conditions a standard blood test may be requested. Examples of other studies that may be recommended include imaging studies such as a CT scan, MRI, or X-rays.

During this time you may see several different professionals including: a pediatric respirologist, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, respiratory therapist or medical residents/students. We may determine referrals to other specialists (such as ear nose and throat, sleep, or allergist and gastroenterologist) are required and if so those referrals will be arranged.

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