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Aspiration Clinic, Pediatric

Contact & General Service Information

For Your Appointment

A parent or legal guardian must attend the appointment with the child, if this is not possible on the date you have been assigned call the office to reschedule to an appropriate date.

You will need to bring the patient’s valid Alberta Healthcare card with you.

If the patient is on any medications, nasal sprays or ear drops – make sure you know what they are and how much is being used.


Finding Us

The Pediatric Aspiration Clinic is located in the Oilers Ambulatory Clinic, located on the second floor on the north side of the Stollery Children’s Hospital. From the 112th street entrance walk straight towards the elevators and go to the second floor.

The clinic is located in 2E within the Edmonton Oilers blue and orange painted entrance.

Check in with one of our clerical staff at the front desk. Once checked in, please have a seat in the waiting room. One of our staff will greet you soon after this.

What to Expect

A clinic visit may take approximately 30 minutes and your child might be seen by a physician and a speech language pathologist. The purpose of the clinic is to assess patients with possible airway issues as well as feeding and swallowing issues.

The care team may propose to use a telescope to look into the nose and throat of your child. This does not require him/her to be asleep.

Make sure your child does NOT eat or drink 1 ½ - 2 hours before this appointment, as a child who is hungry is more likely to drink during this visit.  All medications should be taken at regularly scheduled times.

Bring your child’s feeding utensils (favorite bottles/nipples, pacifiers, cups etc.). Depending on your child’s age and feeding experiences, bring along something for your child to drink. If you are currently adding thickener to your child’s drinks, bring something to drink at the current consistency that your child is drinking, as well as something that is UNTHICKENED. Arrive with your child’s drinks prepared (mixed, warmed up if needed, etc.) and ready to drink. 

Interpreters speaking many different languages are available to assist you through our multicultural program. Should you require language interpreter services for your child’s clinic visit, please schedule this service in advance so an interpreter can attend with you.

It is imperative that a parent or guardian attends this appointment with the patient.

The Stollery Children’s Hospital is a teaching hospital. Be aware that we often have learners in our clinic, so you may also see medical residents and healthcare students as members of your child’s care team.