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For Your Appointment

Remember to bring your child’s Alberta Healthcare card and a piece of photo ID. Also bring with you all the medications, creams both prescriptions and over the counter your child uses.

If your child has a rash take several good quality photos of the rash and bring them with you to the clinic, in case the rash resolves or improves before the appointment.

If the rash or skin problem completely resolves before your scheduled appointment it may be better for you and your child to call central booking and postpone the visit to when the rash is present. We will keep your file active for one year.


Finding Us

The Dermatology Clinic is located in unit 1D1 in the Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic on the main floor of the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

From the 114th Stollery bear entrance on the east side of the hospital, turn left and walk pass the cafeteria; the clinic is located on the left hand side directly across from the Friends gift shop.

What to Expect

Your first appointment will last at least half an hour, so come prepared. You and your child will see several different professionals including: a medical student, a resident in dermatology and the pediatric dermatologist.

During the appointment we will review your child’s comprehensive history, examine his/her skin and conduct a brief general physical exam. Be prepared to have your child undressed and in a gown until the pediatric dermatologist comes in and examines him or her.

After the examination, the pediatric dermatologist together with the dermatology resident will discuss their findings with you and your child and suggest treatment options to help your child.

If a follow up appointment is necessary, it will be booked through our electronic medical system at the time of the appointment and you’ll receive a phone call regarding it sometime later.

If no immediate follow up is necessary, be advised that your referral is valid for one year and you can access pediatric dermatology just calling the central booking number up to one year from the original visit.

The Stollery Children’s Hospital is a teaching hospital. Be aware that we often have learners in our clinic so you may also see medical residents and medical students as members of your child’s care team.

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