Finding a Doctor

Well on Your Way

If you are seeing a pediatrician you will need to see a family doctor when you turn 18 for your general healthcare needs.

If you don't have a family doctor, it’s a good idea to start looking now as it may take a while to find someone in your area who is taking new patients.

To find a family doctor:

  • Ask your pediatrician if they can refer you to a family doctor
  • Go to Find a Doctor
  • Ask family and friends if their family doctor is taking new patients (Some family doctors will accept members of the same family as patients)

Make an appointment to meet your new family doctor and talk about your healthcare needs, especially if you have a complex medical condition. This will help the doctor decide if they are able to take you as a patient, and also gives you the chance to see if this new doctor meets your healthcare expectations. Here are some questions or things to consider when looking for a new family doctor.