Booking Medical Appointments

Well on Your Way

As an adult, you will need to book and/or reschedule your own medical appointments.

  • Preparing for medical appointments will help you get the most out of each visit
  • Make sure to find out where the clinic is, how to get there and where to park
  • To help you remember appointments, enter them into your phone calendar and set reminder alerts

Family doctor and nurse practitioner appointments

You will book appointments for any health concerns or check-ups with your family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Specialist appointments

  • The specialist’s office will usually book the first appointment for you and contact you by phone or mail with the date and time. If you can’t make your appointment, call the specialist’s office right away to reschedule.
  • You may need to book future appointments. To know what is expected of you, ask when you need to see the specialist again and how far in advance you need to call for an appointment.
  • If you don’t book a follow up appointment in a timely manner, you may need another referral from your family doctor to see the specialist again.
  • It’s hard for specialty clinics to work around your school or work schedule. If you have to miss school or work because of an appointment, ask the doctor’s office to give you a note that says you had a medical appointment.
  • You may need to have imaging or lab tests before you see the specialist. Ask your doctor when you should have these done to make sure they have the results in time for your appointment.

Cancelling or Missing Appointments

It’s important to attend your medical appointments. If you need to cancel an appointment, call the clinic right away. Many clinics ask that you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment.

You may have to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel at the last minute or if you don’t show up for your appointment. If you miss an appointment with a specialist, you may also need another referral from your family doctor to see the specialist again.