Managing Medications & Treatment Plans

Well on Your Way

When you start managing your medications, supplements (such as vitamins and minerals) or treatment plan, it may feel a little scary and overwhelming. Just remember you're not alone.

Tips for Doing More on Your Own

  • Learn the names of your medications, the dose, what they do, and their side effects
  • Know if you have an allergy to any medications and what to do if you have an allergic reaction.
  • Set up a routine to help you follow your treatment plan or take your medications (Doing this routine at the same time each day will help you remember)
  • Use the alarm on your cell phone as a reminder
  • Know how to fill or refill a prescription (Ask a parent or caregiver to help you and then try it on your own)
  • If you have private health insurance through your parents or caregivers, find out how long you have coverage for medications, equipment, and supplies after you turn 18.

Where to Go for Information

  • Talk to any member of your healthcare team if you have concerns or questions about your medications, supplements, treatment plan or medical equipment and supplies.
  • Visit MedlinePlus or talk to your pharmacist to get reliable information about your medications

Keeping Track of Your Medications

  • Carry an up-to-date list (You can get a list of your medications from your pharmacist)
  • Create a list in the notes section of your phone
  • Use a medication tracking tool

Medications, Alcohol, Marijuana and Street Drugs

Your prescription medications are only safe for you to take. Do not share them with anyone else.

Prescription medications may not be safe to take with other medications, alcohol, marijuana or street drugs. For more information about the dangerous effects of mixing medications with other substances, go to Drug Cocktails or talk to your pharmacist or healthcare team.

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